Wina Jie

I Am Free

About the Work

The Illustration ‘I am Free’ is a defiant depiction of a Female transcending the Asian stereotype during the Covid Pandemic. It is a comic style storyboard of being Asian in the current COVID climate. The story starts with an Asian Female character catching public transport. We see that she has fallen asleep on the train. The comic enters her dream state. She imagines herself transcending the Pandemic bleakness to become a Spiritual Being. The artwork comments on the control of Fear and the individual breaking free from being labelled the cause of the Virus. The comic and illustration style opens this conversation in a dynamic, youthful, contemporary way.

About the Creative

Artist Wina Jie creates imagery exploring the Asian Australian Identity Experience. Her past body of work Dichotomy (2008), Dis-Oriental (2009), Metamorphosis (2010), Floating Life (2016) and Zodiac Dreaming (2017) explores self-portraiture and Hybrid Eastern and Western creatures and landscapes.