Sydney Farey

Food from home

About the Work

Food from home is an intimate exploration into the importance and impact of food as a means of love and care. As we navigate this pandemic, and experience life through a confusing new lens, food always remains constant. Whether it’s cooking two minute noodles with a fried egg at 1am after a night out, or spending hours preparing fresh dumplings for family and friends, nourishing yourself and the ones around you with food is one of the deepest and purest forms of care. In Food from home, Sydney Farey takes viewers on an affectionate journey in three parts; food for herself, food with family and food with friends. Unfiltered and unpretentious, in a mix of English and Mandarin, viewers get a glimpse into Farey’s life during the pandemic, and how we take solace in food during these chaotic times.


Filmed and produced by Sydney Farey.
Music by the ANU Classical Chinese Music Ensemble.

About the Creative

Drawing together elements of western and eastern cultures, Sydney Farey’s work unites a complex range of often contradictory references from her life and experiences. Her artistic perspectives are informed by many years spent living abroad in China, the United States and Australia as a third culture kid. Printmaking has become an intrinsic part of Farey’s creative process. Studying Printmaking and Drawing at the Australian National University has enabled her to develop her practice beyond its drawing-based beginnings. Her passion for drawing sees that immense thought and care are put into every line made on the metal plate and paper, with the hope of producing tangible and meticulous forms of personal memory.