Jin Hien Lau

Train of Thought

About the Work


My artwork is a 6-page comic detailing the history of public display of racism on Australian public transport. From the 2009 Indian student bashings to the 2014 central coast racist rant to the multiple COVID-related racist incidents on public transport this year. Through this comic, I want to communicate that racism has always been a problem in Australia and that any random person seems to think acting it out in the most public of places is without consequences, I also want to explore how Australian mainstream media never provides true criticism of racism in this country.

About the Creative


A proponent of the values of narrative across all forms of media and practices, Jin believes that in order to tell a good story, you must listen to a thousand better ones from everyone and everywhere first. Based in Sydney but a frequent collaborator on projects across Asia, Jin has applied his craft to fields ranging from prints, comics, illustrations and animation.