What We Want

#1 Political Leadership

We call on the Federal Government to do more to acknowledge and condemn the racist abuse targeted at Asian Australians as a result of COVID-19.

Use clear language​

Politicians and media must make a clear distinction between Australia’s political dealings with the Government of China and Asian Australian members of our community. Terms like ‘the Chinese’ should not be used to refer to the political entity of China. Use the ‘Chinese Government’ when that is what you mean.

Invest in a response​

For example, a health campaign that clearly separates the COVID-19 virus from the identities of people with Chinese or Asian backgrounds; an education campaign in schools to educate and empower young people with the language and tools to identify and combat racism; funding to the arts and screen sectors to create content that challenges racism, stereotypes and xenophobia.

#2 Business Leadership

Our data shows that many racist incidents are occurring in supermarkets and shopping centres. Businesses can show their solidarity and commitment to equity.

​Post a statement

Make it clear to all customers that discrimination and racial abuse are unacceptable in your store.

Train staff

Empower your employees with strategies to deal with racist incidents.

#3 National Anti-Racism Campaign

We must engage with ​all levels ​of government, major institutions, industry bodies, education, health, unions and the creative sector.

Reignite a national campaign ​Like the ​Racism. It Stops with Me​ campaign from 2018​.

What You Can Do

#2 Raise your voice

More people than ever are spending their time online, and content consumption is at its peak. If you’re an artist, creative, content creator or media maker, take this opportunity to flex those muscles and get your message out!

  • Contribute to campaigns such as #WashTheHate, #UnityOverFear, #IAmNotAVirus. This will widen the reach of your message and add weight to it. Make sure you tag us too
  • Call out instances racist assumptions, racial profiling and stereotyping
  • Share anti-racism messages (eg our posts!)

#3 Stand in solidarity

If you see a racist incident in person. People who have experienced #CoronaRacism in public places have reported feeling isolated and unsupported when bystanders looked on and did nothing. If you see an instance of racial abuse – and you feel safe to act – speak up and stand in solidarity. ​See the Racism. It Stops With Me campaign for more.

Say something, eg ‘Why don’t you leave him/her alone?’

●  Film the incident and report it

●  Tell someone responsible (such as a staff member)

●  Check they’re ok

●  Add your voice if someone else steps up

#4 Check in on friends

Who have experienced anti-Asian racism. They may need space to vent. Ensure that their concerns are heard and validated and they know about their rights, and where to go for ​support​.

Check the ​anti-discrimination laws in your state​.

#5 Know your rights